Elevate Your Digital Advertising with Google Vehicle Listing Ad Feeds &
Facebook Automotive Inventory Catalogs

At Vescovo Marketing, we craft and manage Google Vehicle Listing Ad feeds and Facebook Automotive Inventory Ad catalogs that power your dealership or agency's digital marketing campaigns. Our feed formatting and management expertise ensures seamless integration with major ad platforms like Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook.

Google Vehicle Listing Ad Feeds

Google Vehicle Listing Ads are an intergral part of automotive Performance Max campaigns. Advertisers who complemented their existing Search campaigns with vehicle ads saw a +25% average increase in conversions. With our expertly formatted inventory feeds for Google Merchant Center, we ensure your Google Vehicle Listing Ads stand out, connecting your inventory directly with potential buyers.

A google search for the toyota tundra is shown.
A picture of a car and a feed on the same page.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ad Catalogs

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ad Catalogs allow you to create carousel ads and leverage the power of Facebook's vast user base with your dynamic vehicle inventory. Our service provides the foundation for engaging carousel ads targeting in-market buyers and reengaging website visitors, boosting your dealership's visibility and sales.

Why Choose Vescovo Marketing for Your Vehicle Inventory Feeds?

• Expertise in Feed Management: We are skilled in creating and optimizing feeds that meet the specific requirements of Google Merchant Center and Facebook.
• Enhanced Campaign Performance: Properly formatted feeds lead to more effective ads, improving both reach and conversion rates.
• Support and Optimization: We don't just set up your feeds; we monitor and optimize them for peak performance.